North Wales Pilot

COS, Catrin and Abi, and primary schools throughout north Wales six countries are running a pilot to support children and teachers in BSL.


What is the pilot project

Wales has moved ahead and taken a significant lead to introduce BSL as an international Language as part of the Welsh curriculum. This will mean that all children from 4 to 16 years old could have access to BSL in Welsh and English throughout Wales. Studies have shown there are a lack of trained teachers and next to know textual reference essential for a child learning.

Having developed a method to teach and support teachers and children the Centre of Sign Sight Sound (COS), supported by Catrin & Abi, will invest and take a lead in the expansion of training teachers and helping children learn BSL.

A pilot will run in nearly 350 schools throughout North Wales' six counties.


What schools get

All schools to RECEIVE 40 Catrin & Abi Books (20 Welsh and 20 English) 
Education Support Specialist will work with schools on advanced BSl and Sign supported learning
Catrin & ABI will provide digital resources for free