Who are Catrin and Abi?

Catrin and Abi through their stories provide a unique way for children and adults to learn BSL. Inside each book is a BSL storytime version. This allows readers to recognise and practice the introductory signs of BSL.


Keywords and BSL learning

  • Deaf Awareness
  • BSL Alphabet

  • BSL Numbers
  • Integration 

  • Animal signs

  • Deaf Awareness
  • Sports

  • Home signs

  • Sky and celestial signs
  • Imaginative play


  • Colour signs

  • Nautical signs
  • Imaginative play

  • Profession signs
  • Family signs

  • Clothing signs

Awareness and Safety

Catrin & Abi often help organisations such as the NHS, Police and Charities to help educate children in awareness and safety.

Schools and Educational Settings

Working with COS

Catrin and Abi are young ambassadors for the sensory loss charity, the Centre of Sign Sight Sound (COS).


During awareness weeks such as BSL, Deaf and sensory loss awareness COS along with Catrin and Abi work with schools to provide BSL tasters and provide awareness lessons.

Colour in Cosmo Campaign

Colour in Cosmo is a temporary redesign of the COS logo. Children are encouraged during a week of learning about Deafness to interact with the centre, redesign the logo and learn basic signs such as the alphabet, numbers and colours.

Find out more about COS and Catrin and Abi's role as young ambassador's.