Abi is 4 years old and Deaf. She was very ill just before she turned 2 and lost her hearing then. She is head strong and very much likes being the boss. 

She loves swimming and running. More than this she loves to race. She also loves to draw and colour. Her sign name is the same as the sign for artist.

She likes to draw the places she’d like to go and visit, or the people and animals she would like to meet. 

Sometimes she like to play tricks and be very mischievous at times.

She loves her big sister Catrin.


Catrin is 9 years old and loves to read and tell stories. She also likes being a big sister. 

Catrin often tells Abi fantastic stories. She tell tales of adventures which helps create the worlds and way they play together. Her sign name is the same as the sign for a cat.

Catrin thinks Abi is really funny, but does not always like when she plays tricks on her or other people.

She loves to sing and sign sings with her little sister.


Ruby has been Abi’s best friend since they first met in nursery.

She learns sign language from Abi which helps them understand to each other.

Ruby likes dancing and singing, and she will often sign sing so Abi can understand the words of the song. 

She hero worships Abi a little too much sometimes which leads her into all types of mischief.


Osian is one Catrin’s best friends, and he lives next door to the sisters. 

He likes to play and do sports and is often challenged to races and games by Abi. 

He is a little clumsy and gets himself into all types of sticky situations and often needs the help of Catrin and Abi.


Pero is Abi’s Hearing Dog.

He is specially trained to help Abi do things.

When Abi is asleep and dreams, Pero becomes a very different type of dog with even more special skills, and magical abilities.

JamJam Boflacs

JamJam is Abi's teddy.

He used to belong to her daddy when he was little, and was given to her by Catrin when she got to big to play with him.

Becuase he has been played with so much for a very long time, JamJam has lots of repairs.

When Abi dreams or goes on adventures, JamJam comes to life.

Miss Dawn

Miss Dawn is a teacher for Deaf children. 

She goes into Abi's school and helps and teaches Abi without the need to learn through sound.

Miss Molly

Miss Molly is a teacher at Catrin and Abi’s school. She is Deaf like Abi. 

Miss Molly teaches lots of children in Catrin and Abi's school. Sometimes she uses sign langauge and other times she uses her voice.

Sergeant Sian
Constable Marc

Sergeant Sian and PC Marc are police officers that come to Catrin and Abi's school.

The give advice on how to keep safe and what to look out for.