The Abi Project

A BSL Legacy Project

Catrin and Abi are both proud to be part of the a BSL legacy project which aims to support schools in their efforts to introduce BSL into the classroom.

How we support children and teachers

Introducing a new language to the classroom can be difficult. There is a lack of BSL infrastructure for children. So Catrin and Abi want to help all children to learn a language they use every day.

Traditional BSL Learning

With years of BSL instruction our ESS navigate with teaching in mind.

Sign supported learning

To aid with repetition and imprinting we can support teachers in carrying BSL into other lessons and aspects of learning.

bi and trilingual learning

We know that English is not always the main language of learning. We also know BSL learning does not need to stop because of that.

Wales Project

The Welsh Government introduced BSL into the new curriculum. COS with Catrin & Abi's help are running a project where all schools have access to the books, videos and BSL resources.